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by martingosscolchesterppc on 29 August, 2019

With the announcement today that Parliament is likely to be suspended for a significant period when MP’s return from the summer recess in September Colchester’s potential future Lib Dem MP for the town Martin Goss has today written to incumbent Tory MP Will Quince asking for his rationale for supporting a “No Brexit” deal. Councillor Goss said  “I […]

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Martin Goss visits University of Essex

by martingosscolchesterppc on 27 August, 2019

Martin Goss met with Chief of Staff Monica Illsley and Euro MP Barbara Gibson for a tour of the University of Essex campus and the Knowledge Gateway which is helping cutting edge technology businesses to grow. Martin Goss said “I am so impressed with the major investment and growth going into the Univserity which shortly […]

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More rail fair misery on the way for 2020!

by martingosscolchesterppc on 12 August, 2019

Prospective MP calls on Government double standards to end on rail fair increases Going back to the 2015 General Election the Conservatives promised to freeze rail fair increases for 5 years if elected or cap at the rate of inflation. Details are included in historic news releases below.  From January 1st 2019 we […]

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County Court closure threat to local justice

by martingosscolchesterppc on 28 July, 2019

County Court closure threat to local justice The closure of Colchester County Court has put local people who need to pursue civil and family law cases at a huge disadvantage – and without adequate Legal Aid for those facing evictions it is likely that serious miscarriage of justice will happen. That is the stark warning from […]

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School motion funding success

by martingosscolchesterppc on 23 July, 2019

At the recent July full Council meeting in Colchester, Martin Goss led a joint motion asking full council to support writing to Government highlighting the local impact that school funding cuts had in Colchester on all educational establishments and calling for increased funding across the board. The motion was unanimously passed by all Cllrs. Martin […]

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Tory County Council capitulate over Library closures.

by martingosscolchesterppc on 15 July, 2019

Martin Goss as Parliamentary Candidate ran a campaign collecting petition signatures against the Prettygate Library proposed closure and many hundreds of residents responded. We await the details of the proposals from Essex County Council about what keeping the libraries open actually means in reality. It still seems unbelievable that the second most busy library from […]

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Tory Will Quince MP likely to lose in Colchester to the Lib Dems Lib-Dems back as main challengers for Colchester MP Result puts Lib-Dems in best position to beat 4th place Tories The European election result in Colchester confirms that the Liberal Democrats are the party best placed to beat the Conservatives at the next General Election. That was the […]

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Press release – Tory MP likely to lose Colchester seat. May 2019

by martingosscolchesterppc on 4 June, 2019

Tory Will Quince MP likely to lose in Colchester to the Lib Dems Lib-Dems back as main challengers for Colchester MP Results from Colchester Borough Council election for the Wards in the Colchester Parliamentary Constituency put the Liberal Democrats neck-and-neck with the Conservatives – ahead of Labour and the Green Party who are in third and fourth […]

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Taking Colchester off a cliff with no airbag – Martin Goss accuses Conservative MP of voting for his career and not for the good of Colchester The Liberal Democrat Prospective MP for Colchester, Martin Goss has today accused the incumbent Conservative MP Willl Quince of “taking Colchester off a cliff with no airbag” as he is set to […]

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Persimmon Homes  – Martin Goss accuses Persimmon Homes of poor standards and putting profits before customers. The Liberal Democrat Prospective MP for Colchester, Martin Goss has today called for a complete and transparent “open book” exercise for the Cowdray Avenue site in Colchester where Persimmon Homes claim they cannot build affordable homes. Martin said: “This follows […]

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