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by leesmith on 5 February, 2024

AN alarming rise in the number of unsolved burglaries in Essex has been slammed by the Liberal Democrats in the county.

Home Office figures for the period October 2022-Septrember 2023 revealed there were 15 unsolved burglaries EVERY DAY, with just 403 offenders charged from 6,818 offences of which 5,372 were deemed ‘investigation complete no suspect identified.’ It meant 79% of all cases were unsolved – 3% above the national average.

The Liberal Democrats are demanding a return to proper community policing, where officers are visible, trusted and focused on tackling neighbourhood crime. And they are also calling for a new “Burglary Response Guarantee,” under which all domestic burglaries would be attended by the police and properly investigated.

Martin Goss, Colchester’s Lib Dem parliamentary candidate, said: “With the vast majority of burglaries still going unsolved too many people feel unsafe in their own homes.

“Time and again, this Conservative government has failed to deliver the absolute basics of stopping and solving crime. But enough is enough.

“Essex, like many areas, deserve better. It’s high time to bring an end to this shameful burglar bailout – which is why Liberal Democrats will keep pushing the Conservatives to implement our Burglary Response Guarantee and get more bobbies on the beat.”

The figures also showed a sharp decrease in the number of Police Community Support Officers on the streets, with just 96, down from 262 in 2015 – a 63% drop.

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