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15,106 low-income households in Colchester paying over the odds for their broadband as Government fails to act

by martingosscolchesterppc on 10 November, 2021

15,106 low-income households in Colchester are paying too much for their broadband because the Government has not forced providers to offer cheaper tariffs, an analysis by the Liberal Democrats has found.

So-called ‘social tariffs’, which typically offer broadband access between £10 and £20 a month, are only currently offered by some providers. But changes to the law that came into force last year mean that the Government now has the ability to force broadband providers to offer these cheaper deals.

The Liberal Democrats are calling on the Government to offer relief to families facing a cost of living crisis, by forcing broadband providers to offer cheaper deals to vulnerable consumers in Colchester.

Research by the House of Commons Library suggests that 15,106 households in Colchester could see a reduction in their bills under the Liberal Democrat proposals. These households are among the seven million across the country that are currently missing out on cheaper internet access.

Martin Goss, Liberal Democrat ParliamentarySpokesperson for Colchester, said:

“Some of the most vulnerable consumers in Colchester are bracing themselves for a cost of living crisis, with energy bills soaring through the roof, a slash to Universal Credit and unfair Tory tax hikes leaving everyone feeling the squeeze.

“A reduction in broadband bills could be the breathing space families in Colchester need this winter. Instead, this Conservative Government is instead choosing to sit on its hands and leave thousands here paying over the odds.”

Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Jamie Stone MP, said: 

“Access to broadband is vital for learning, for work, and for staying connected. The Liberal Democrats think the very least the Government can do is offer the lifeline of social tariffs to anyone who needs it.”

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