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Martin Goss calls out MP Will Quince over Trinity School building

by martingosscolchesterppc on 21 July, 2021

The headline claims he has stepped in to ensure it gets resolved.

The truth is Mr. Quince has taken his eye off the ball monitoring progress of the school. When Cllrs David King, Phil Coleman and I found out that Lang O’Rourke had walked away from the project, Mr. Quince was none the wiser.

It was due to us as local Councillors asking questions we discovered this very disappointing information. Within hours of it being discovered, calls were held with both the Department for Education (DFE) and Gilberd School ensuring all information known was shared with us and searching questions were asked of these disappointing failings from the DFE appointed contractor.

We didn’t issue a press release or divulge the confidential information as communicating it to parents had to be correctly handled and rightly by the Trinity School. We respected this at all times.  Information was issued to parents within less than 24 hours of it becoming known.

We have also now communicated all information known via social media with local residents to ensure all facts are known following updates to parents from the school. These will continue.

It’s a shame our MP was so many weeks behind on the issue and has clearly taken his eye off the ball with his own Government’s Department for Education.

Local parents can rest assured we will continue to keep the pressure up so that DFE appoints a new contractor and the new building is rightly delivered as quickly as possible for children and parents in North Colchester who deserve so much better from DFE and Government.

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