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Objections to Turner Rise McDonalds

by martingosscolchesterppc on 5 February, 2021

Some of you may already be aware that McDonalds have put in a planning application for a new restaurant building at the Turner Rise Retail Park.
The new building will be next to Go Outdoors and next to Pizza hut.

The car park is 390 spaces and only 4 additional spaces will be added. There will also be changes to the rear access road to the park to allow for a set of drive-through lanes to be created. The application has received a high level of objections from residents with the most major concern being extra traffic in an already highly congested area at peak times.

Martin Goss has “called in” the application so it must go through the highest level of possible planning scrutiny and the ultimate decision will fall to the planning committee.

We have also made sure Essex County Council are aware of concerns
regarding this application as well as all Mile End Councillors objecting to it.

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  1. Catherine says:


    I agree with what you have written above, the last thing Colchester needs is yet another fast-food outlet and we certainly do not need another McDonalds.

    I do however find it interesting that you have recently liked a post on Facebook detailing a planning application for a fish and chip shop in the village of West Bergholt. A shop which would have no designated parking, is on an already busy and congested road and is surrounded by residential housing. Please could you explain why you seem to be showing support for this given your stance on the above retail park planning application.

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