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Lib Dems challenge lack of Black police officers in Essex

by martingosscolchesterppc on 12 August, 2020

The Liberal Democrats are calling for action to increase diversity in the police force as new figures reveal that only 0.2% of police officers in Essex are Black.  

According to the Liberal Democrats’ analysis, the statistics show the Government’s new officer recruitment has failed to improve the situation nationally and only 1% of new recruits in Essex and Black.

The Black community make up 2% of the population of Essex, but only 0.2% of the police officers are Black. This is under-representation by a factor of ten.  

Martin Goss, Liberal Democrat spokesperson for Colchester, said:  

“Urgent action is needed to ensure that police forces actually reflect the makeup of communities like Colchester. These figures show the Government is falling woefully short of that standard. 

“Building trust and confidence in the police among Black communities cannot happen without addressing the shocking lack of diversity, and bringing more Black people into this key profession.”

Liberal Democrat Home Affairs spokesperson Christine Jardine said:  

“It is appalling that in 2020 the Conservative Government’s effort to recruit people to the police force is failing to bring in Black officers.  “The Liberal Democrats are fighting to improve the representation of Black communities throughout our society, including in the police and the judiciary, as part of a proper Race Equality Strategy.”

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