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by martingosscolchesterppc on 8 September, 2019

Colchester Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate Martin Goss has called on residents to rally behind him as the town’s next MP – describing himself as the “Colchester unity candidate” – in the wake of the ever-worsening political crisis facing the country

He said: “I urge both traditional One Nation Conservatives opposed to Boris Johnson’s lurch to the Hard Right and Moderate Labour supporters appalled by Jeremy Corbyn’s Left Wing “Momentum” agenda to support me as the true voice of Colchester.”

He pointed out that he grew up in Colchester, contrasting his strong local roots with that of the Conservative and Labour candidates who have lived here for little more than ten years between them.

“Colchester desperately needs a strong voice to represent residents, someone who knows Colchester and will put Colchester first before party interests and personal ambition which is what we have had for the past four years.”


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