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Press release – No deal Brexit “tantamount to jumping off a cliff with no safety net.” March 2019

by martingosscolchesterppc on 4 June, 2019

Taking Colchester off a cliff with no airbag – Martin Goss accuses Conservative MP of voting for his career and not for the good of Colchester

The Liberal Democrat Prospective MP for Colchester, Martin Goss has today accused the incumbent Conservative MP Willl Quince of “taking Colchester off a cliff with no airbag” as he is set to vote for “no deal” in the latest Brexit Commons vote.

Martin said: “Mr Quince will our on collective behalf vote to keep a “no deal” on the table.   Well let’s be clear there really is nothing left on the table regarding Brexit. I am sure MP Quince likes a good hearty meal and with his latest stance on Brexit, we will have him to thank when the importing of food for Colchester residents becomes difficult and prices rise.”

“Voting for something when there is nothing agreed is absolute suicide for Colchester residents. There are too many unknowns with no deal. There’s no detail, utter confusion over important matters such as imports and exports, immigration, flights, medicines and a host of other important matters. This will be MP Quince’s third vote where he seems to change his mind to suit his political career, putting himself first over Colchester residents.”

“Although I am personally respectful of the original referendum result, we need to ensure that the long term good of the UK is at the forefront of the decisions and behaviour exhibited in Parliament. Currently it is utter chaos and MP Quince is adding to the turmoil. He needs to be held to account.”


13th March 2019


Martin is available for further comment at either his mobile number 07912 396335 or this email address.

About Martin:

Martin has lived in Colchester since he was four and moved here in 1978.

He attended Prettygate Infants and Junior School before attending Philip Morant School. He also attended Colchester Institute for his further and Higher Education before completing his degree part-time whilst working.

Martin works in IT as a Senior Leader within the Insurance sector and has worked in Colchester so has first hand

experience of being truly local.

He lives in Mile End with his wife Rachel and has family in Prettygate and Stanway.

Martin has been a Borough Councillor in Mile End for ten years and is the Cabinet Member for Waste on Colchester Borough Council. He is also a frequent rail commuter and very active campaigner on a wide range of issues.

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