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Will Quince MP has finally listened to my calls to resign and stop backing Boris Johnson

by martingosscolchesterppc on 6 July, 2022

The Liberal Democrat Parliamentary spokesperson for Colchester, Martin Goss has been calling for a new Prime Minister. 

Martin Goss has been calling for Boris Johnson to resign for the good of the nation and yet our local MP Will Quince has continued to support him until he was made to look an utter fool on national TV defending him over what he knew about Chris Pincher. Quite rightly Piers Morgan called MP Will Quince out on Twitter over this bungled TV interview.

Liberal Democrat Parliamentary spokesperson for Colchester Martin Goss said:  

“On numerous occasions now Will Quince has defended Boris Johnson on social media and in the press backing him to continue to run the country. This is despite many of Mr Quince’s own Colchester constituents asking him to get Boris Johnson to resign.”

“Will Quince didn’t use his chance previously via the 1922 committee process – he publicly backed the failing Prime Minister. This was a serious error of judgement. MP Will Quince as ever failed to read the mood of Colchester residents.”

“Will Quince has only resigned now to save his future career, and the fact he has looked foolish to the nation. He clearly puts his career first over constituents. The people of Colchester will remember how WIll Quince has voted with his shocking record of supporting the continued pumping of sewage into rivers and benefit changes which hurt the most vulnerable in society.”

“You can no doubt see Will Quince backing the next Prime Minister who will best aid his political career. He turned on David Cameron and now finally has seen the sense to desert Boris Johnson.”

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