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by martingosscolchesterppc on 24 March, 2022


That was the message this evening from Councillor Martin Goss who is the Cabinet Member with responsibility for waste, environment & transport during the Wednesday 8th July Colchester Cabinet Meeting.

Councillor Goss had expressed grave concerns that the proposal within a paper to consider a new green waste collection at a recommended cost of £50 per bin would impact on households at a time of severe financial hardship for many.

The paper, ‘Waste and Recycling New Strategic Priority’ was prepared in light of a Council budget shortfall of £3 million. The shortfall, as a result of the impact of COVID-19, has meant that Councillors of all parties are having to consider how to fill this significant gap and minimise the impact on residents.

On Tuesday the Council’s Scrutiny Panel made a proposal to defer this paper to a Task and Finish Group to fully investigate the proposed green waste collection service and wider use of wheelie bins. Tonight, the Cabinet unanimously supported this recommendation. No measures will be put in place until this group have delivered their recommendations as to its viability to Cabinet and then to Full Council.

Speaking on Wednesday night Councillor Goss told Cabinet:

We are listening generally. We cannot just say we do not like that. You need to come up with answers that you do like and will serve the budget issues.”

After the meeting Councillor Goss said:

We are all disappointed at government failure to provide on its commitment to financially support local authorities and avoid additional charges, possible redundancies and cuts in services.

I am delighted that there is an opportunity for councillors from all parties to now be able to properly scrutinise the green waste collection and use of wheelie bins. It is important that residents are heard so that priorities of services and cuts during these difficult times are responsive to their wishes.”

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