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Shock by-election win paves way for Lib Dem gain in Colchester

by martingosscolchesterppc on 18 December, 2021

  • Liberal Democrats celebrating extraordinary by-election victory overnight in North Shropshire

The Liberal Democrats are on track to win seats across the country at the next General Election, including Colchester, following their historic by-election victory overnight. 

The Liberal Democrats won the once safe Conservative seat of North Shropshire, overturning the Conservatives majority of almost 23,000 votes. It is the second parliamentary by-election the Liberal Democrats have won against the Conservatives this year, following their victory in Chesham and Amersham over the summer. 

Liberal Democrat candidate for Colchester, believes the party’s win in the North Shropshire by-election could pave the way for a win in the local area at the next General Election. 

Martin Goss said:

“We saw last night in North Shropshire that people are fed up with being ignored and taken for granted by the Conservatives. 

“In Colchester, just like in North Shropshire, voters can back the Liberal Democrats to send Boris Johnson’s Conservatives a clear message. Colchester was a Lib Dem seat for 18 years under the stewardship of Sir Bob Russell until 2015 and is likely to be again.”

“If we can win in North Shropshire, then we can win here. It is clear the fight here will be a two-horse race between the hard-working local Lib Dems and an out-of-touch Conservative MP Will Quince who continues to vote with the Government and his boss Boris Johnson.

“I have been swamped by messages from local people who are appalled by Boris Johnson’s behaviour over alleged illegal parties under his own roof and his inability to be honest about it.

“The Liberal Democrats believe people deserve a fair deal where everyone plays by the same rules – including those in Downing Street. We will deliver that fair deal with good schools, safe streets, and high-quality healthcare.”

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