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An Unwelcome Xmas present from Colchester’s MP

by martingosscolchesterppc on 7 December, 2020

The promise of free meals over Christmas for children was welcome. Now we learn that the Junior Minister responsible for Universal Credit – the Tory MP for Colchester – has announced a cap on families receiving this benefit. From this month families already struggling on the limited income from Universal Credit face more anxiety through a cap on household income.
This is estimated to effect tens of thousands of families whose initial period of ‘grace’ ends this month. As the Chief Executive of Shelter is reported to have said: “…parents have to choose between paying their rent or feeding their children.
And too many get to the point where they have no choice, and homelessness becomes unavoidable.” We are appalled that during a pandemic families are being forced into hunger and homelessness. There will be little joy for these children this Christmas who now face an uncertain future.

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