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Free School Meals

by martingosscolchesterppc on 28 October, 2020

Martin Goss calls on Colchester MP Will Quince to explain his vote on free School meals for the holidays where he voted against funding these for the poorest in society.

There are just under 3000 children affected by this decision in Colchester where many may struggle to get a decent meal due to this vote by the Tory Government and our Colchester MP who is also the Minister in Charge of Universal Credit.

Martin Goss said “I understand in the current climate with the billions of pounds being spent on Covid all funding needs to be properly justified. However, funding meals for the poorest in society needs no justification.

It is about doing the right thing and this Tory Government has failed miserably our poorest children.”

Goss added “The money needed to fund those free meals is just 1% of the £12 billion that has been spent on the failing Test and Trace system so far. Much of that money has been spent on untendered contracts in the private sector, boosting the share price of companies such as Serco”.

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