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Under-resourced police in Colchester, Essex struggling to tackle rising knife crime

by martingosscolchesterppc on 22 July, 2020

The Liberal Democrats have warned that overstretched police in Colchester, Essex  are struggling to combat a surge in knife crime, and are calling for additional funding for community police.

The number of offences involving knives or other sharp objects increased by 75.4%  in the last five years  reaching a record high in 2019-20, but this increase has not been met with additional funding for local forces. 

When adjusted for inflation, funding for the police in Essex has gone up by a mere 0.4% since 2015. Numbers of PCSO’shave actually fallen during that period by 151. 

Martin Goss Liberal Democrat  Parliamentary spokesperson for Colchester said; “The epidemic of serious violence continues, and too many people  in Colchester, Essexfeel unsafe walking down their own streets.

“The Conservative Government’s funding for the police simply hasn’t matched the scale of the challenge when it comes to knife crime. The increases are not even enough to cover the additional pension contributions forces now have to make. The Government must give our police force the funding it needs to restore proper community policing.

“Liberal Democrats are calling for a public health approach to tackle this epidemic of serious violence. This means restoring community policing and youth services in Colchester, Essex, to build real trust in the police force and to help prevent young people being drawn into crime.”

Liberal Democrat Home Affairs spokesperson Christine Jardine MP said: 

“Once the immediate coronavirus crisis is under control, we need to urgently bring police, teachers, health professionals, youth workers and social services together to prevent young people falling prey to gangs and violence.

“That, alongside proper funding for community policing, is the only way to actively prevent crime, and ensure people across the country can feel safe.”

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