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Cowardice jibe at Tory candidate

by martingosscolchesterppc on 18 November, 2019

Colchester Conservative candidate Will Quince has been accused of “cowardice” in refusing to attend and answer questions at meetings after it was revealed that he had refused to sit with other Parliamentary candidates at three events which have been organised in the town.

The “cowardice” taunt came from Liberal Democrat candidate Martin Goss, a Colchester Borough Councillor.

The three invitations for the four Colchester Parliamentary candidates are for meetings organised by The North East Essex District of the National Education Union, one by Black African Families, and the third by environment protest organisation Extinction Rebellion. He has confirmed he will only attend the Mercury hustings on December 5th.

Councillor Goss said: “As MP for the past four years Mr Quince has developed a reputation for being one of the quietest MPs in the House of Commons, notably on Brexit where his flip-flopping saw him changing his mind but during all the debates this year not speaking once on the subject.

“And now, with a General Election where he should be speaking to the people of Colchester and answering questions at meetings, he has shown cowardice by refusing to turn up and explain his position on major events affecting Colchester, the country and internationally.”

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