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by martingosscolchesterppc on 29 August, 2019

With the announcement today that Parliament is likely to be suspended for a significant period when MP’s return from the summer recess in September Colchester’s potential future Lib Dem MP for the town Martin Goss has today written to incumbent Tory MP Will Quince asking for his rationale for supporting a “No Brexit” deal.

Councillor Goss said  “I would advise all Colchester citizens who feel strongly about the potential impending chaos to write to their MP outlining their concerns and asking for their MP’s justification for such a stance. There is simply no detail behind “no deal” – just huge risk.”

“I have today written to Colchester MP Will Quinceto ask why is he hell bent on supporting a “no deal” Brexit? What is his rationale?

Has he  considered  the knock on affects or is he willing to gamble with the future of Colchester Citizens and beyond?

Is he into supporting utter chaos? Is he simply thinking about his own political career?”

Martin concluded “It is fair say this Tory Government has to go down in history as the most shambolic administration ever in charge of the Country in the last 100 years.”


28th August 2019


Martin is available for further comment at either his mobile number 07912 396335 or this email address.

 About Martin:

Martin has lived in Colchester since he was four and moved here in 1978.

He attended Prettygate Infants and Junior School before attending Philip Morant School. He also attended Colchester Institute for his further and Higher Education before completing his degree part-time whilst working.

Martin works in IT as a Senior Leader within the Insurance sector and has worked in Colchester so has first hand experience of being truly local.

He lives in Mile End with his wife Rachel and has family in Prettygate and Stanway.

Martin has been a Borough Councillor in Mile End for eleven years and is the Cabinet Member for Waste on Colchester Borough Council. He is also a frequent rail commuter and very active campaigner on a wide range of issues.

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