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More rail fair misery on the way for 2020!

by martingosscolchesterppc on 12 August, 2019

Prospective MP calls on Government double standards to end on rail fair increases

Going back to the 2015 General Election the Conservatives promised to freeze rail fair increases for 5 years if elected or cap at the rate of inflation. Details are included in historic news releases below.

 From January 1st 2019 we saw another inflation busting increase to add to all the other above inflation fair increases which have been heaped onto long suffering commuters.

The Commuter Club now tell us ahead of any official Government announcements that we will see an increase of 2.9% added to a Colchester to London Season ticket which sees the UK rail network as the most expensive in Europe! That’s a further £153 meaning a season ticket is now £5417 from 2nd January 2020. Over a ten year period the ticket price has increased by an eye watering 37%!

Martin Goss said “As a commuter myself who travels to either London or Chelmsford for work on a frequent basis I have been hit like all other commuters with eye watering increases and worsening services. Latest statistics tell us that services are at their lowest punctuality levels for 13 years and commuter dissatisfaction continues. If 98p of every £1.00 is apparently being reinvested into rail services, I would like to know where – how can punctuality be at an all time 13 year low?”

“It’s time this Government was held to account on promising one thing and then doing another – rail fairs need to be frozen – it’s as simple as that! Our Colchester MP Will Quince keeps banging on about investment in the railway – but we yet to see any improvement on the Colchester route.  MP’s of course also have their rail fairs paid for by the taxpayer so  have no real understanding of the true costs commuters pay just to get to work.”


12th August 2019


Martin is available for further comment at either his mobile number or email address.

About Martin:

Martin has lived in Colchester since he was four and moved here in 1978.

He attended Prettygate Infants and Junior School before attending Philip Morant School. He also attended Colchester Institute for his further and Higher Education before completing his degree part-time whilst working.

Martin works in IT as a Senior Leader within the Insurance sector and has worked in Colchester so has first hand experience of being truly local.

He lives in Mile End with his wife Rachel and has family in Prettygate and Stanway.

Martin has been a Borough Councillor in Mile End for eleven years and is the Cabinet Member for Waste on Colchester Borough Council. He is also a frequent rail commuter.

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  1. Jane Coles says:

    Rail FARE
    Not fair

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