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School motion funding success

by martingosscolchesterppc on 23 July, 2019

At the recent July full Council meeting in Colchester, Martin Goss led a joint motion asking full council to support writing to Government highlighting the local impact that school funding cuts had in Colchester on all educational establishments and calling for increased funding across the board.

The motion was unanimously passed by all Cllrs. Martin Goss said “I was shocked to learn just how much funding Colchester has lost since 2015 – it is millions of pounds in our local community which has evaporated from schools and our further education providers at Colchester Institute and Colchester Sixth Form which has resulted in drastic cuts across the board.”

Martin continued “We are at crisis point – money needs to be urgently assigned to all schools before we see 4 day weeks as has happened in Birmingham recently. Enough is enough!”

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