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Tory County Council capitulate over Library closures.

by martingosscolchesterppc on 15 July, 2019

Martin Goss as Parliamentary Candidate ran a campaign collecting petition signatures against the Prettygate Library proposed closure and many hundreds of residents responded.

We await the details of the proposals from Essex County Council about what keeping the libraries open actually means in reality. It still seems unbelievable that the second most busy library from a footfall perspective was ever even threatened with closure.

Martin Goss said “It is truly excellent news and tantamount to the collective effort of the many hundreds of people who attended marches, signed petitions in their thousands, fed back to the consultation with their views and basically expressed their anger at this ridiculous proposal. “We do of course have to question how much public money was wasted on this exercise in the first place and that is a matter I am following up with Essex County Council.”

“What I did find most offensive about this whole exercise was the immediate public false claims by Tory Cllr Sue Lissimore that her intervention had saved Prettygate Library. It really does take political spin to one of the lowest levels possible when many vulnerable people would’ve been affected by this decision. Sue should be frankly ashamed.”

“What we need to do now is look what improvements are required to ensure Prettygate library is thriving and there for many future generations to continue to enjoy.”

Your Prettygate Team thank everyone who supported us during this campaign and for displaying our “NO” posters. Together we have all won a battle which frankly it should never have been necessary to fight.

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