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Press release – Persimisson Homes letting Colchester down – February 2019

by martingosscolchesterppc on 4 June, 2019

Persimmon Homes  – Martin Goss accuses Persimmon Homes of poor standards and putting profits before customers.

The Liberal Democrat Prospective MP for Colchester, Martin Goss has today called for a complete and transparent “open book” exercise for the Cowdray Avenue site in Colchester where Persimmon Homes claim they cannot build affordable homes.

Martin said: “This follows on from recent news that Government is considering removing the “Help to buy” scheme from Persimmon Homes due to poor build quality and standards.”  

“It is little wonder with cases I’ve been dealing with locally. I know of several residents who have suffered intolerable treatment by Persimmon Homes where one resident ended up in hospital due to emissions from their boiler where it was incorrectly installed and another when given their keys on moving in day found their house full of contractors trying to finish it off and wires poking out the walls so despite having a removal van waiting outside couldn’t move in! Like Persimmon workmanship, that is simply shabby!”

“I’ve written to Senior Officers at Colchester Borough Council and asked them to conduct a full “open book” appraisal where every cost and line item is painstakingly challenged with Persimmon Homes so we get to the bottom of the real detail where they claim affordable homes cannot be delivered.”

Martin said “As Colchester’s next MP I will also lobby Government to change the planning rules so local councils can stop developers from starting new schemes until old ones are up to the right standard and infrastructure is delivered ready for adoption. Too many developers have got away with selling houses and leaving roads, pavements, street lights and playgrounds incomplete for years. It has to stop! The law doesn’t currently allow us to stop this behaviour which only favours the developer!”

Martin’s comments come following claims from Persimmon Homes that they simply cannot “afford” to build “affordable” homes where Colchester has a policy of a minimum of 20% for all new housing and despite Persimmon’s record profits.


26th February 2019


More information can be found at :

Losing the “help to buy” report:

No affordable housing on Cowdray Avenue site:

Martin is available for further comment at either his mobile number or email address.

About Martin:

Martin has lived in Colchester since he was four and moved here in 1978.

He attended Prettygate Infants and Junior School before attending Philip Morant School. He also attended Colchester Institute for his further and Higher Education before completing his degree part-time whilst working.

Martin works in IT as a Senior Leader within the Insurance sector and has worked in Colchester so has first hand

experience of being truly local.

He lives in Mile End with his wife Rachel and has family in Prettygate and Stanway.

Martin has been a Borough Councillor in Mile End for ten years and is the Cabinet Member for Waste on Colchester Borough Council. He is also a frequent rail commuter and very active campaigner on a wide range of issues.

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